Case Study

Electronic Expense System Implementation

The Expense System Project brought together stakeholders from across the university to implement a new expense reporting system for GW P-Card holders and faculty and staff who need to have business expenses reimbursed. Through use of the PMLC, the necessary resources were brought together and process steps were followed for the development of clear objectives, accurate schedules, successful communications and a robust transition plan. Phased gate reviews were utilized to gain executive buy-in and provide approval for moving to the next phase. Examples of artifacts from the project include:

Proposal Phase

  • Project Proposal (PDF): Outlines the business requirements, proposed solution, required resources and major milestones
  • Project Charter (PDF): Establishes clear objectives, milestones, governance and stakeholders while providing formal approval to proceed with the project

Planning Phase

  • Project Definition Document (PDF): States the PMLC process that will be utilized during the development and implementation of the project
  • Communications Plan (PDF): Highlight the plans for managing, communicating and supporting the change efforts. This document was started in the planning phase and utilized through the project
  • Action Item Register (xls): While not an official project document, the Action Item Register was utilized significantly by the Project Manager to monitor the various activities and tasks that occurred to make the project a success. It was started once the project charter was signed and was updated frequently

Analysis, Design & Development Phase

  • Test Plan (PDF): Lays out the test plan, including analysis of the assumptions and expectations of the project
  • Deployment Plan (PDF): Details the plan for deploying the system, including stakeholders, affected systems, support structure, step-by-step plan, milestones, plus highlights of communications and training. The Deployment Plan also includes a "back out" plan that would be utilized in the event things did not go as planned

Testing & Readiness Phase

Cutover/Post Go-Live

Closing Phase

  • Lessons Learned (PDF): Captures and documents lessons learned from the overall project, with input from members of the project team