Key Components of PMLC

There are a number of key components that work to make PMLC a successful method for managing complex projects. These include:

Clearly Defined Roles and Responsibilities

  • Roles are clearly identified and communicated in the beginning of a project. Defined executive sponsors, project owner, and a single empowered project manager are assigned prior to initiation of a project

Careful, Timely Planning and Documentation

  • Standard, required documentation which may otherwise be delayed or disregarded is developed with input from all appropriate parties
  • Tasks are assigned to appropriate project team members with clear due dates, as documented in the Action Item Register
  • Change management is carefully thought through as part of the Communications, Testing and Deployment planning

Approval Throughout Process

  • Gate structure (gate reviews) are utilized to achieve buy-in/approval from senior management and key leaders at designated points in the process. Gate reviews are often held at the end of a PMLC phase and require clear documentation of what is to occur in the next phase

Clear Communication

  • Standardized status reporting is developed for senior management review
  • Criteria for when and how to escalate issues is defined and owned by all members of the Project Team