PMLC Phases

There are seven phases within PMLC.

Idea Phase:

Short evaluation of request to determine (1) if resources should be expended to pursue, and (2) if it is actually a project, versus an operational request.

Proposal Phase:

Detailed business case, solution description and comparison of alternatives. Includes business requirements, estimated resource requirements and funding requirements.

Planning, Analysis & Design Phase:

Charter approval, project kickoff, schedule development, project planning.

Development Phase:

Begin solution/change development, and plan for testing, readiness and deployment.

Testing & Readiness:

Test solution/changes in controlled environment. Begin readiness activities for go‐live of solution. Go‐live.

Cutover/Post Go Live:

Monitor implementation of the solution/changes for a predetermined period.


Lessons learned. Formally transition the solution/changes to permanent owner. Release project team.