Roles & Responsibilities in PMLC

There are five defined roles in PMLC, each with a set of specific responsibilities: 

The Project Executive Sponsor:

  • Is the executive leader who has sanctioned the project
  • Monitors the overall progress of the project at a very high level
  • Assists the Project Owner in escalations when necessary

The Project Owner:

  • Is accountable to the executive sponsor for delivery of the solution
  • Is often a director-level leader
  • Provides regular decision making and direction for the project
  • Manages the overall timeline at a milestone level
  • Ensures that the necessary resources are included in the project team, including the Project Manager

The Process Initiator:

  • Manages the Idea and Proposal Phases of the project
  • Provides the appropriate analytical work to create the Idea Summary, Proposal and Charter documents
  • Coordinates the Idea and Proposal Gate Review Board reviews

The Project Manager:

  • Manages the overall project team, the PMLC documentation from Planning, Analysis & Design through Closing phases, and the detailed schedule and timeline for the entire project
  • Is accountable for project execution from planning through closing
  • Directs appropriate Gate Review Board reviews
  • Regularly reports status and escalates issues as appropriate to the Project Owner(s)

The Project Team:

  • Includes resources from functional groups, and a vendor, when required
  • Owns related pieces of a project from their respective areas
  • Coordinates functional and technical resources to complete tasks and support the Project Manager in developing and maintaining applicable documentation
  • Provides necessary updates to Project Manager regarding status of tasks, risks, and schedule