Submit a Request

GW faculty and staff can submit a request for BMAG services by following the below instructions after clicking on the "Submit a BMAG Request" link at the bottom of this page.

The request form has three sections which must be completed in order to submit the request.  Completed sections will have a green check next to them in the navigation menu on the left.  Incomplete sections will have a red circle next to them.  After completing the three sections described below, you must click "Review and Submit".  This will take you to a final screen where you can review your request.  Once you are satisfied with the content, the final step is to click the blue "Submit" button above the request.

The three sections to be completed are:

  • General - The main information to be gathered to evaluate the request.  Once all fields are filled out, click "Mark Complete" at the top.
  • Files - Attach any files you will find useful to the request evaluation.  Even if you have none, click "Mark Complete" at the top.
  • Score Card - These are NOT used to score or rank, but to gather key information.  If you are unsure, select the closest that matches your request.  These have no direct impact on the approval of a request to be assigned to a BMAG Associate.

A member of the BMAG leadership team will contact you within 48 business hours of receiving the request to discuss.

Submit a BMAG Request